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Donna, the esteemed coach, brings over 25 years of front-line experience in coaching teams to success. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, she has managed million-dollar health clubs and holds an impressive educational background. Donna holds a doctorate in Christian Counseling from Fully Accredited Guadalupe Theological Seminary and is a Certified Temperament Therapist, Licensed through NCCA. She also possesses a Master's Degree in Human Service Counseling, specializing in life coaching, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Liberty University, where her focus was also on life coaching.

As an active life coach, Donna works with individuals, companies, men, women, children, and families. One of her true passions lies in her work with women in recovery, supporting them on their journey of healing and empowerment. Donna's dedication to coaching began back in 1990, when she purchased her first coaching book while working in management at one of San Antonio's premier health and wellness centers. 

From that moment on, she understood that coaching, rather than commanding, was the most natural and effective way to lead teams to success. This approach has not only brought her immense personal satisfaction but has also paved the way for a highly successful and lucrative career spanning 25 years in various management and leadership positions, establishing her as a respected entrepreneur rooted in the principles of coaching.

It is with great enthusiasm and commitment that Donna invites you to join her on a remarkable journey of transformation. Together, you will tap into your inner potential, unleash your innate talents, and develop strategies that align with your values and aspirations. Through her collaborative coaching process, you will pave the way for your success, fulfillment, and a life that embodies the principles of joy, purpose, and abundance. Let her embark on this empowering journey together as you create the life you love and deserve.

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"You Need to Build an Inner Kingdom Reinforced With Self-love and Authenticity Before You Can Defend Yourself From the Mental Stressors Around You." - Donna S. Armstrong

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